About us - Overview

Established on 14th August 2000, Proscape has become one of Dubai’s premier landscaping contractors with a range of prestigious commercial, retail and leisure properties to its credit, including the landscaping works of the Burj Khalifa Tower. Proscape is driven to provide its clients with the highest quality workmanship and best customer service available in the industry.


The Proscape Group represents a complete solution for all landscaping requirements with available expertise in all areas of landscaping, from hard and soft landscaping to irrigation, waterscapes, timberworks and landscape lighting.

At Proscape, we encourage an enterprising and innovative business structure. We employ state-of-the art technology and adopt the latest landscaping techniques in order to improve the quality and efficiency of our landscaping services. We also possess an experienced and competent workforce who are skilled in all areas of landscaping and will provide our clients with premium landscaping services at economical prices.